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If you want to have a real earning opportunity, join my team by becoming a Referent!

Earning is easy!

All you have to do is tell your friends about my products for sale.

By submitting the request you will be assigned a Referent CODE which will be the tool with which

I will know if the customer has arrived here thanks to you or to someone else.

When the customer places the order, he will have the possibility to indicate

a Referent CODE by inserting it in the space provided. At this point if your code will be used,

you will have automatically earned

the 10% of the value of the expense

of the customer you brought to the site.


You can choose when to receive your earnings:


- Immediately;

- Reaching thresholds (for example every time you reach the figure of 5 €);

- Or by receiving a discount coupon of the value of the thresholds reached (€ 5 / € 10 / € 25 / € 50 / € 100 / € 500 / € 1,000);


Also, don't forget that from today


you can earn up to 50% on ALL orders


of customers brought to you!


I'll explain immediately how it works


After bringing the first 5 CUSTOMERS (who have completed at least 1 order each), you will receive a PROMOTION and you will get an increase in your profit of 5% more on subsequent orders. There are 8 Reference Levels you can reach:


The basic level will start by earning you 10% of the total customer spend from you and that they have completed at least one order. Subsequent levels will be composed like this:


  1. Neophyte 15% Earnings
  2. Beginner 20% Earnings
  3. Medium 25% Earnings
  4. Advanced 30% Earnings
  5. Expert 35% Earnings
  6. Specialized 40% Earnings
  7. Leader 45% Earnings
  8. Boss 50% Earnings


You will level up every time you have brought 5 new customers who have bought thanks to you and thus you will add 5% more profit on the orders placed by the customers brought to you!


Also remember that your Referrer Code

it will also be a Coupon Code for a 10% discount

to be used unlimited times

and that you can provide to the customers you want to invite to buy!



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