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EVENT “Advent Calendar

Starting & Ending: 1 Dec - 25 Dec 2023

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For every item you buy,
you will receive a surprise gift item!

Until February 14th -50% on all items!

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My name is Grazia and I am an emerging  Italian creator.

My brand is named Alternative Skills

and it was created with the aim of demonstrating to everyone that

each of us can achieve his goal even if sometimes

you have to do it in a different way.

I'm a disabled girl and through my brand

I would like to convey to people so much hope and courage

to live this life which is sometimes difficult,

but at least



My project is about the creation of special and unique items

of their kind for you and for who you love!


If you want to support my projects and my extravagant ideas

you can do it through a free donation.

Do you want good reasons to support me?


Here they are:

Remember that the fate of all depends on the actions of the individual.
Do an act of kindness, casual, with no expectation of reward, and rest assured
that someday someone else might do the same for you.
The purpose of all our actions is to bring humanity to those who suffer
Actions create consequences that produce new worlds ... they are all different worlds. Goodness is the only investment that never fails.














AlternativeSkills is born to show that we can do everything,
even if sometimes in a different way.



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